“Central Corridor, The Competitive and Sustainable Trade Route of Choice”

“To Facilitate the Development of Integrated Transportation and Trade Networks along the Central Corridor”


  • To promote the use of Central Corridor Transport and Trade Facilities
  • To guarantee the reliability of the Central Corridor Infrastructure and its Services
  • To ensure that Member States grant each other the right of transit in order to facilitate movement of goods through their respective territories
  • To ensure that Member States provide all possible facilities for traffic in transit between them
  • To take all necessary measures to ensure that Member States enable expeditious movement of traffic and avoid unnecessary delays in the movement of goods in transit through their territories
  • To ensure the competitiveness of costs involved in using the Corridor by minimizing delays and enhancing the predictability of cost and time involved in moving goods along the Corridor
  • To coordinate the harmonization of procedures to ease movement of goods and services along the Corridor and across borders
  • To strategically position the Central Corridor as the most efficient in East and Central Africa so as to contribute positively in poverty alleviation programmes in Member States