The key activities that the Communication & Advocacy Program include:

  1. Lead the distribution of information and knowledge Informally
  2. Lead the distribution of information and knowledge formally
  3. Support promotion of use of corridor by opening new markets to producer in region
  4. Support developing LLC export markets
  5. Support policy advocacy and promotion for reforms
  6. Participate in refining and implementing a stakeholder-oriented Communication Strategy
  7. Support TTFA in its role of advocate for large-scale projects
  8. Support to monitor the progress on corridor related projects developed under other agencies and suggest interventions that would support its success
  9. Support to create responsiveness performance indicators Service charter
  10. Support to maintain continuous dialog with private sector (business, industry, and investors)
  11. Support the development of the continuous dialog with public sector
  12. Participate in engagement of NGOs
  13. Support to involve media in the distribution of information