The key activities of the Logistics & Transport Facilitation include among others:

  • Assess shippers’ needs in order to identify investment requirements and make recommendations.
  • Analyze key performance indicators within the corridor to drive improvement in performance.
  • Analyze and track performance of stakeholders’ initiatives and undertake forward planning for prosperity of the Central Corridor.
  • Coordinate diagnostic and implementation activities in the field, liaison with stakeholders’ Member States.
  • Commercial evaluation of various marketing initiatives for the TTFA to ensure promotion of services performed to develop new markets, increase share of market, and enable the Central Corridor to obtain competitive position in the industry.
  • Contribute to key Trade logistics and competitiveness initiatives including Transit Facilitation Programs.
  • Monitor the routes performance of the Central Corridor through the Transport Observatory web based system by developing and maintaining an operational database tracking the corridor and generating key performance indicators.
  • Produce and disseminate relevant online and offline reports that identify causes and effects of bottlenecks of the corridor and formulate policies.