Uganda Business Community visit Dar es Salaam Port

UGANDA business community on Sunday February 26th visited the Dar es Salaam Port (TPA) to explore the possibility of increasing the use of the Central Corridor Port.

The team which arrived on Saturday in Dar es Salaam, started their visit of the port by touring the general cargo, grain Kurasini Oil Jet and Container terminal.

The delegation later had a meeting with the Port stakeholders including the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) Director General, Eng Deusdedit Kakoko, Tanzania Railway Ltd Director General Mr. Masanja Kadogosa and TTFA Executive Secretary Capt. Dieudonne Dukundane.


TTFA ES Captain Dukundane (standing) giving vote of thanks others from left is Mr. Kadogosa who is the Director General for RAHCO and TRL, Eng. Kakoko and Head of Uganda delegation Mr Lukyamuzi Wangi

Others who attended the meeting include Tanzania Freight Forwarders Association (TAFFA) representative Tony Swai, Tanzania Truck Owners Association (TATOA) Chairperson Ms Angelina Ngalula and other stakeholders including Journalists from Tanzania and Uganda.

After the tour of the Dar Port, the Uganda delegates travelled by road from Dar es Salaam to Kampala to witness along the way the improvement of infrastructures as promised by Tanzania.


According to TPA DG Eng. Kakoko, some Ugandans still had information of the past about the efficiency of the Dar es Salaam Port and the roads from Dar to Kampala.

Unlike the in the past, the efficiency at the Dar port has significantly improved, the roads are tarmacked and weighbridges and checkpoints have reduced from 56 in the past to just 3 for transit cargo trucks.

TTFA Executive Secretary Capt Dukundane was given an opportunity to give a vote of thanks in recognition of the organization contribution to improving efficient at Dar es Salaam Port and Central corridor routes.

The ES expressed TTFA’s commitment to work with other stakeholders and welcomed players along the corridor to engage TTFA in working towards improving efficiency.

TTFA’s mandate and objectives are to promote the use of the Central Corridor, to grant each other the right of transit in order to facilitate movement of goods through their respective territories and to provide all possible facilities for traffic in transit between them.

The other mandate is to take all necessary measures for the expeditious movement of traffic and for the avoidance of unnecessary delays in the movement of goods in transit through their territories.

To strategically position the Central corridor as the most efficient in East and Central Africa so as to contribute positively to poverty alleviation programmes in member states.

According to the statistics released during the meeting, only 3% of Uganda’s exports/import cargo pass through the Dar es Salaam Port. TPA would like to raise it to at least 10% in the near future.