Construction of One Stop Inspection Stations (OSIS) starts at Manyoni

The much-awaited Construction of One Stop Inspection Stations (OSIS) of Manyoni (Singida Region) and Nyakanazi (Kagera Region) has started with handing over of Manyoni site to the Italian contractor MsMantovani on 9th March 2017.

Handing over ceremony of the site at Manyoni was done by Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications in collaboration with Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) in presence of representatives from Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency (TTFA), NationalAuthorising Officer(Ministry of Finance), Ms. NIMETA Consult (T) Ltd and ManyoniLocal government.

Members of the OSIS Committee (right) from National Authorizing Office Engineer, Richard Byanyuma, TANROADS Eng. Godson Ngomuo, Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication Eng. Musa Kashinde and NIMETA Consult Eng. Patrick Marco. From left is NIMETA Consult Team leader Eng. Emmanuel Taseni and FilipoGioliano from Mantovani (Contractor) in discussion after handing over of the Manyoni site.

The Contractoris expected to commence mobilization of resources and construction of Manyoni (Lot 1) effectively from 10thMarch 2017.

Site hand-over for Nyakanazi (Lot 2) is expected to take placeearly April 2017 and construction willbegin immediately thereafter. The handover for Nyakanazi was delayed due to delays in compensation of peoples’ affected properties around the site.

The Construction work on the Manyoni and NyakanaziOSIS sites are expected to be completed 18month from the handing over date.

On site discussions

Construction of One Stop Inspection Stations (OSIS) came as one of the essential steps in reducing time and costs of doing business along the transit routes ofthe Central Corridor, which werecharacterized by significant delays and relatively high transport costs due to many stoppages along the route.

Contractors being shown the site demarcations

For instance, in the past, trucks used to stop around 55separate official checkpoints (8 weighbridges, 44Police checks and 3 revenue checks).

The CCTTFA and the Tanzania Ministry of Works in consultation with EAC and support from Trademark East Africa conducted a feasibility study in 2012. Based on the findings of the feasibility study, it was agreed that TRA, Police and TANROADS shallrelocate to the three OSIS of Vigwaza, Manyoni and Nyakanazi during the operations phase.

The expected deliverables of the Contractor is building facilities for the required public regulatory services such as Weighbridge stations, Police offices and Revenue Authority Offices and HIV/AIDs counseling facility including residential buildings for OSIS full time staff. It wll also provide access routes into and out of the OSIS as well as parking facilities for transit trucks.

Arrangements are in place to provide for the privately offered services such as hotel accommodation, mechanical repair garages, etc.

In December 2016, Ms. Mantovani Group was awarded the tender for construction of the Manyoni and Nyakanazi OSISs after a successful tendering processand evaluation of tenders.

The entire OSIS project will cost a total of 23,000,000 Euros, comprising 21,000,000 Euros financed by the Delegation of the European Union Commission and 2,000,000 Euros financed by Trademark East Africa (TMEA) for the feasibility study and current construction supervision.

While waiting for operationalization of OSISs the government of Tanzania announced in April 2016, that all transit trucks should only weight at three weigh bridges of Vigwaza, Njuki and Nyakahura.