Central Corridor Stakeholders meeting held in Dar es Salaam

The 10th Central Corridor (CC) Stakeholder’s Consultative Committee (STACON) meeting concluded in Dar es Salaam on 30th March 2017 with delegates applauding progress made in improving the Central Corridor infrastructure in recent years.

During the two-day (29th and 30th) session delegates from CC member states of Burundi, Congo DR, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda also had an opportunity to validate the 2016 Transport Observatory report, which is prepared by the Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency (CCTTFA).

The Consultative Committee, which is one of the CCTTFA organs, meets at least twice a year but may meet more regularly at the request of a member, through the Secretariat with approval of the Chairman.

With representatives from both Public and Private the STACON provided recommendations for improvement of various issues that affect the welfare of the CC.

Some of the issues discussed during this year’s STACON included harmonization of road tolls in Central Corridor, harmonization of Visa charges between Tanzania, Uganda and DRC and the need for construction of the Nyakanazi – Lusahunga-  Rusumo road, which is not in good condition.


The meeting also elected new leaders who will lead the Committee for the next two years. The elected leaders are Mr. SEGAHUNGU Desire Hishamunda (Chairperson) from DRC, Mr Mbimbi Benjamin from Tanzania.


The STACON also selected three members from each country to be in the Stakeholder’s Representative Group (STAREP) to oversee its affairs between meetings.  STAREP is charged with responsibility to develop performance targets and monitor performance and to ensure that the Secretariat implements the TTFA’S decisions.

Election of STACON Leaders