Capt. Dukundane addressing the Meeting



Serena Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,

26th October, 2017


  • Honourable Aggrey Henry Bagiire, Uganda State Minister for Transport, Chairperson of the Tripartite Sectoral Ministerial Committee and also Chair of the Central Corridor Interstate Council of Ministers;
  • Honourable Ministers, Members of the Tripartite Sectoral Ministerial Committee on Infrastructure from the COMESA-EAC-SADC Member/Partner States;
  • Ambassador Liberat Pfumukeko, EAC SG;
  • I also recognize the presence of High Commissioners representing their Diplomatic Missions here in the United Republic of Tanzania;
  • Dear Steven Mlote (representing the EAC SG);
  • Representatives from African Union Commission;
  • Principles and Permanent Secretaries present here;
  • Distinguished delegates from the Tripartite Member/Partner States;
  • Colleagues representing the Corridors’ Authorities within the Tripartite Zone;
  • Development Partners, Colleagues from the European Union, supporting the initiative through the 11th European Development Fund (EDF),
  • The Public and the Private Sectors representatives;
  • All stakeholders benefiting from the Tripartite programme here present, the Media Groups;
  • Invited guests;
  • ladies and gentlemen, all protocol observed.


Ladies and Gentlemen

  1. My duty is to say few words of appreciation. Allow me therefore to join previous Speakers to welcome you again to our host City of Dar es Salaam, popularly known as the Harbour of peace, where the Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency Secretariat is Headquartered. Dar es Salaam, the city that is hosting and is witnessing the launch of the TTTFP Program.


  1. As you may all know, the signatory member countries of CC-TTFA Agreement are the United Republic of Tanzania, Republic of Uganda, Republic of Rwanda, Republic of Burundi and the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) (and the Agreement provides room for other Countries served by the Port of Dar es Salaam to join this Family).

Ministers in group photo with Senior Officials and Ambassadors

  1. Let me appreciate, acknowledge and commend the organizers and the sponsors of this important meeting of the Tripartite Sectoral Ministerial Committee on Infrastructure. I would like to particularly congratulate the Tripartite Ministerial Committee and the Tripartite Technical Committee and the Team of Experts for the job well done, that has led us to gather here today and launch THE TRIPARTITE TRANSPORT AND TRANSIT FACILITATION PROGRAMME;

  1. This has been a smooth journey since the 1st Tripartite Heads of States Summit in 2008 in Kampala, Uganda. And we commend and congratulate the Republic of Uganda for being chosen as a Champion at the Ministerial level to promote the TTTFP as a Flagship Tripartite Program for the Transport Sector and Infrastructure Pillar. We would like to assure Uganda of Central Corridor full support to deliver on this High-Level Mission.


  1. Speaking from the Central Corridor region experience, we believe this meeting has come at an important and opportune time for all the Corridors and the RECs within the Tripartite Zone.

Rwanda State Minister for Transport (second left) making a point during the meeting

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,


  1. A lot has been achieved along the Central Corridor. Now cargo DWELL TIME at the Dar es Salaam Port has dropped by 65% within the last five years. About 95% of Central Corridor road networks are in a good condition. Official weighbridges and police checkpoints on transit routes have dropped from above 40 to merely 3 on Tanzania side saving more than 70% of weighbridge crossing time. The introduction and operationalization of One Stop Border Posts (OSBP) operations at Mutukula, Rusumo and Kabanga/Kobero has reduced border crossing time by more than 50%. And we expect another one in the coming future at Mugina/Manyovu (Burundi & Tanzania Border).


  1. Despite commendable progress made, Central Corridor like other two corridors originating from the East African Community (EAC) still encounter some challenges, ranging from non-harmonized policies, legal, standards and non-implementation of bilateral and regional agreements as demonstrated from the baseline study that preceded the commencement of the programme. Therefore, the launch of this important milestone underscores the timeliness of the programme;


  1. The CC-TTFA, the other sister Corridors involved in the programme and the rest of the stakeholders, will be are eager to witness the following once the TTTFP is fully implemented:
  • The One Stops Inspection Centers all along the corridors like the one being constructed at Vigwaza at Manyoni and Nyakanazi on Tanzania side;
  • The Multimodal Transport Safety Program fully implemented;
  • Rationalization of Weigh Bridge and Weigh Bridge locations to minimize delays due to multi-weighing at every weighbridge within a short distance;
  • Interconnectivity of weighbridges and mutual recognition of Weighbridge Certificates for efficient movement of goods along the Corridors;
  • Quality management than current quantity management of transport facilitation along the corridors;
  • Transit Time and Cost reduction along our Corridors;
  • Seamless movement of cargo and persons within the Tripartite;
  • Reduced and Harmonised Communications costs within the Tripartite; and
  • Increased and sustained Intra-African Trade and more Inclusiveness.



Honourable Ministers, Ladies and Gentlemen,



  1. As I conclude my remarks, let me on behalf of the other sister Corridors involved in the programme and the rest of the stakeholders, assure you of the Corridors’ readiness to contribute in delivering this Agenda. We appreciate for your coming in good numbers in this City, known as “Harbor/Haven of Peace” and wish you a pleasant stay.




Thank You All

Asante sana