Executive Secretary Message

I wish to acknowledge and commend the Central Corridor Member States (Burundi, DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda), the Corridor Business Community and the Development Partners for the successful RESULTS we achieved together in a course of spearheading the Central Corridor Agenda during the 2017 Calendar year!

The Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency (CCTTFA) is proud to have contributed to the Central Corridor Success Stories. As I speak, truck transit time from Dar es Salaam to Kigali, Bujumbura, Kampala, Bukavu and Goma has dropped from an average of one week in 2012 to between three (3) to four (4) days in 2017. About 95% of Central Corridor regional road networks are in a perfect condition. Weighbridges, Customs centres and police checkpoints for transit trucks have been reduced from above 40 to merely 3 on Tanzania side saving more than 70% of weighbridge crossing time. The introduction and operationalization of One Stop Border Posts (OSBP) concept at Mutukula, Rusumo and Kabanga/Kobero has reduced border crossing time by more than 50%. The Corridor users are enjoying and appreciating the resumption of TRL railways cargo services under bloc train arrangement from Dar to Kigoma/Isaka/Mwanza, which are providing around 30% transport costs reduction compared to road transport.

By using results driven approach and deep engagement with our corridor stakeholders, it is gratifying to see Member States, under the auspice of CCTTFA, are discussing and signing Bi-lateral Air Services Agreements (BASAs) to open their skies to allow for smooth operation of air transport services in the Corridor. The maritime transport sector is also being eyed as another cornerstone sector to drive the Corridor Agenda. The CCTTFA has partnered with Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute (DMI) and all Central Corridor Member Countries have sent their young people to be trained as marine professionals at DMI.

Today DRC, Burundi and Rwanda Nationals enjoy free Visa Fee, while Visa fees for Tanzania and Uganda nationals entering the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been reduced by 50% from $100 to $50. Efforts are ongoing to harmonize and better off the practice across all Partner States.

Over the past one year we have witnessed huge projects being launched by Member Countries, which include modernization of Dar es Salaam Port, Construction of Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) and the construction of One Stop Inspection Stations (OSISs) at Vigwaza, Manyoni and Nyakanazi.

Under the Lakes Tanganyika, Kivu and Victoria Integrated Transport Programmes, CCTTFA is working with member Countries and Development Partners in resources mobilization for modernization of Ports, Roads and Rails networks to further increase the Corridor Efficiency.

I am glad that our engagement with Development Partners has been fruitful. In 2017 External additional resources were mobilized and other partners committed to finance projects on various stages of development. This year we will work even harder to achieve more milestones in resource mobilization in order to meet the ever-growing demand of the new projects described above.

We are committed to delivering to the expectations of the member countries who gave CCTTFA mandate to make the Central Corridor an Economic Corridor, where majority of its people will escape from abject poverty, through efficient and cost-effective transport systems that promotes trade within and among countries.

I am looking forward to a continued engagement with all players as we are looking towards exciting 2018 ahead in spearheading Central Corridor Agenda.


Capt. Dieudonné Dukundane