The Central Corridor connects the Port of Dar es Salaam by road, rail and inland waterways to Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Eastern part of the DRC and all of central and northern-western Tanzania itself (Central Corridor map). The corridor forms part of the backbone of the regional transportation system in East and Eastern Central Africa carrying the import and export of the five countries with a population of more 120 million people.

Specifically the transit routes and facilities of the Central Corridor as defined by the Agreement cover cargo and passenger transport utilising:

  • All Tanzanian roads connecting to Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda together with all roads and railway systems in these landlocked countries connecting to the central corridor;
  • The Port of Dar es Salaam;
  • The Railway system operated by Tanzania Railways Corporation;
  • Isaka Dry Port;
  • The freight & Marine services provided by Uganda Railways Corporation and Marine Services Company Limited respectively and other private companies on Lake Victoria
  • The Port of Mwanza, Kemondo Bay, Port Bell and Jinja Port;
  • The marine services provided by Marine Services Company Limited and other public and private Companies on lake Tanganyika;
  • The Port of Kigoma, Bujumbura, Moba, Baraka, Kasanga, Kalundu and Kalemie;
  • Deep sea and coastal shipping services calling at Dar es Salaam port;
  • Kidatu inland trans-shipment terminal; and
  • Other Transit Routes and Facilities as determined from time to time

Central Corridor Scope


Source: CCTTFA Official Map